Tranzed Apprenticeships Introduces New Apprenticeship Program - The Children's Guild

TranZed Apprenticeships, a nonprofit registered apprenticeship provider with the mission of expanding modern apprenticeships across the United States, introduced an apprenticeship program for behavioral health aides. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job, competency and project-based training with job-related classroom instruction.

Maryland’s first registered technology apprenticeship intermediary, TranZed Apprenticeships offers the behavioral health aide program in addition to programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic in information technology, cybersecurity, digital and social media, data science and analytics, secure software programming and medical assistance.

TranZed Apprenticeships developed the behavioral health aide program, registered in early May, in partnership with affiliate organization The Children’s Guild, which plans to enroll 10 new behavioral health aides in the program this year. Graduating apprentices will have the opportunity to remain with The Children’s Guild, receive a pay raise and continue to pursue a career in education or counselling.

The Children’s Guild operates special needs schools and charter schools and serves children and adolescents with challenging behavior. Children’s Guild behavioral health aides provide one-to-one support in classrooms, keeping students on task and helping them develop more positive behaviors when faced with frustrations and challenges.

“This new apprenticeship will provide behavioral health aides with a structured training program involving on-the-job training and classroom instruction to give them the tools they need to support the children they have been partnered with. It creates an opportunity for interested staff to improve their knowledge and skills and be seen as a professional part of the teaching team,” said Dr. Andrew Ross, president and CEO of The Children’s Guild.

TranZed Apprenticeships President Paul Champion announced the behavioral health aide apprenticeship program at the May meeting of the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council.

“We are excited about supporting The Children’s Guild and developing clear career ladders through high quality apprenticeships for staff as we partner with The Children’s Guild to transform how we care for and educate America’s children and support its efforts to put kids first,” Champion said.

TranZed Apprenticeships offers apprenticeship programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic developed to address the need for alternative career paths. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job, competency and project-based training with job-related classroom instruction. They offer an earn-and-learn model where apprentices earn money starting their first day and receive pay increases as they gain additional skills and master their occupations. (

The Children’s Guild is an affiliate member of the TranZed Alliance, a nonprofit organization serving children, families and child-serving organizations and dedicated to transforming how America educates and cares for its children through education, behavioral health and national training and consultation services. Affiliates of the TranZed Alliance also include Monarch Academy charter and contract schools, The Children’s Guild D.C. Public Charter School, The Transformation Education Institute, the National At Risk Education Network, the TranZed Conference Center, The National Children’s Guild Fund and TranZed Apprenticeships. (