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All Children’s Guild Alliance’s schools are currently providing virtual learning with some students receiving support and services on campus at our schools in Baltimore, Prince George’s County, and Washington, DC. Virtual/hybrid learning is in effect at our AACPS Monarch Academy schools. Our headquarters staff is working remotely and maintaining regular operating hours.

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Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

The Children’s Guild Alliance and our affiliates strive to ensure the accessibility of our website content. We are committed to providing content for people with disabilities and meeting current accessibility standards.

Some of the online services provided by The Children’s Guild Alliance and our affiliates to our visitors through links on our website were not created by, nor are they maintained by The Children’s Guild Alliance.

Every effort is made to ensure the products and services to which we utilize meet or exceed the accessibility standards adopted by The Children’s Guild Alliance. The accessibility of these products and services, however, is the sole responsibility of the individual vendor and is beyond our control.