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The Children’s Guild’s schools and programs respond to the unique needs of every child, family, and community we serve. We are one of the largest providers of charter schools, special education, autism services, treatment foster care, and family mental and behavioral health services in the region.

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Learn more about our Charter & Contract Schools, Special Education Schools, Preschools, Career & Apprenticeship Programs, and Behavioral Health and Treatment Foster Care programs:

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Success & Impact

Since 1953, we’ve been making a powerful effect on the lives of children, adults, and families.
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Transformation Education

Discover our highly acclaimed educational philosophy supporting the whole child.
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Our innovation schools utilize Transformation Education to enhance student success.
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Support transforming the way America cares for and educates its children.
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 Our Locations

Administrative Headquarters

6802 McClean Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21234
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Monarch Preschool College Park

9506 50th Avenue
College Park, MD 20740
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Monarch Global Academy Laurel

430 Brock Bridge Road
Laurel, MD 20724
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Monarch Academy Glen Burnie

6730 Baymeadow Drive
Glen Burnie, MD 21060
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Monarch Academy Annapolis

2000 Capital Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401
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The Children’s Guild D.C.
Public Charter School 

2146 24th Pl.
NE Washington, DC 20018
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The Children’s Guild School of Prince George’s County 

5702 Sargent Rd.
Chillum, MD 20782
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The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore

410 E. Jeffrey St.
Baltimore, MD 21225
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The Children’s Guild: Transformation Academy

6802 McClean Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21234
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Years of Serving Children & Families

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Our Philosophy: Transformation Education

The Children’s Guild is guided by Transformation Education (TranZed), an organizational philosophy that fosters a culture of flexibility. This culture creates management and staff who are agile thinkers. This assures children are treated as individuals and taught the way they learn best. TranZed infuses the beliefs and values of The Children’s Guild into the look of its physical environment, child-caring and educational approaches, the mindset of its employees, and its operating systems. The design of the physical environment and the approaches used to care for and educate children are based on the newest findings in neuroscience, and therefore creates an enriched, brain-compatible environment. This philosophy has been proven to:

  • Increase return to less restrictive environment
  • Increase ability to manage difficult children
  • Increase academic scores
  • Decrease child care worker, foster parent and teacher turnover rates
  • Decrease need for physical crisis intervention
  • Decrease time focused on crisis management
  • Decrease cost of deliberate destruction and damage

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The Children's Guild
The Children's Guild2 days ago

Are you following us on social media? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Learn more about us here: http://ow.ly/m86I50KfYNc

The Children's Guild
The Children's Guild2 days ago

The Transformation Academy - A Program of The Children's Guild responds respond to the unique needs of every child, family, and community it serves.

Learn more about their upcoming prom night 👇

The Children's Guild
The Children's Guild4 days ago

Pillar five of The Children’s Guild’s educational approach is Behavioral Motivation Continuum. This philosophy is built knowing that not all students can follow or obey rules uniformly. Combining multidisciplinary approaches, we use behavioral incidents as learning experiences to increase learning and self-regulation. By combining prominent...

  Important Dates

September 5, 2022
Labor Day—Headquarters and affiliates closed
November 24, 2022
Thanksgiving Day—Headquarters and affiliates closed
December 26, 2022
Christmas Day (Observed)—Headquarters and affiliates closed