Expanding Opportunities: The Impact of Vocational Rooms in Education - The Children's Guild

In honor of Louise G. Goldberg, a former dedicated teacher and board member of The Children’s Guild, generous donors helped create a vocational room at The Children’s Guild: Transformation Academy. The Louise G. Goldberg Vocational Room offers students pathways to skill development and job readiness, enhancing their employability and overall quality of life.

“This new space represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing an inclusive educational environment. This space supports the social, emotional, and sensory needs of our students on the autism spectrum, empowering them to thrive,” says Vesna Grujicic, Principal of Transformation Academy.

The Vocational Room helps students acquire functional academic and living skills while developing vocational skills through job sampling on campus in simulated work environments, shadowed internships in the community, and competitive employment. Some skills students have learned in this new space include food preparation, sorting items, and cleaning.

We want to continue to create more spaces like the career center and the vocational room for students across all our schools and programs. With your support, we can ensure our students are set up to be successful in school and for the rest of their lives. Donate today: www.childrensguild.org/give