Career and College Readiness with The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore - The Children's Guild

Mr. Rykiel and Ms. Fletcher assist students in Career and College Readiness at The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore. This program focuses on preparing students for life after high school. These incredible teachers assist our students in developing essential skills required for diverse career paths, whether pursuing higher education or entering the workforce. Mr. Rykiel emphasizes the development of soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and work ethic, recognizing their universal importance in any job setting.

This course incorporates hands-on activities into the curriculum to provide students with a variety of learning techniques. It teaches practical skills related to specific career paths and provides students with a tangible experience of the working world. One notable example is the Bluetooth speaker that students crafted in the classroom. The excitement and enthusiasm of the students upon completing this project demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. Hands-on activities not only engage the students but also allow them to see the direct application of their skills in real-world scenarios.

Ms. Fletcher, the Career Readiness, and Instructional Assistant, as well as the Transition Coordinator, collaborates with Mr. Rykiel to support students looking beyond high school. Recognizing that many students may face challenges in envisioning their future beyond the immediate context of school, she plays a crucial role in guiding them toward various post-high school paths. This includes exploring options such as trade school or college, and helping students identify and articulate their career aspirations.

One particularly rewarding aspect for both educators is witnessing the positive response from students. The enthusiasm, creativity, and communication skills demonstrated by the students indicate that the program is making a meaningful impact. Students not only enjoy the hands-on activities but also express excitement about their future careers, showcasing the success of the College and Career Readiness program at The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore. The dedication of Mr. Rykiel and Ms. Fletcher contributes to a supportive and empowering environment for students as they navigate their journey beyond high school.

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