The Children’s Guild Featured in MANSEF December 2023 Newsletter - The Children's Guild

The Children’s Guild was pleased to be recognized in the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) December 2023 Newsletter. MANSEF is a not-for-profit organization of 70 nonpublic special education facilities approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. These schools promote quality services for children and youth with disabilities.

The School News section of the MANSEF December 2023 Newsletter discussed:

  • The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore’s new Career Center. This Career Center provides students with valuable hands-on projects that impart amazing skills. Through engaging activities, such as building Bluetooth speakers, students are exposed to diverse future possibilities and pathways. This initiative not only expands their horizons but also instills a sense of capability and creativity. It also allows students to surpass their circumstances, fostering a mindset of realizing their potential and embracing learning through appropriate channels.
  • The Children’s Guild School of Prince George’s County received funding for assisted learning devices. This new program caters to students requiring additional resources in the classroom. These devices aim to break down barriers to learning, enabling students to excel in their academic pursuits during the current school year. These investments demonstrate the commitment to providing tailored support and ensuring every student has the tools needed to succeed.
  • The Children’s Guild: Transformation Academy pays tribute to Louise G. Goldberg, a former dedicated teacher and board member. Through her legacy gift to the organization, a vocational room named after her has been established. The Louise G. Goldberg Vocational Room serves as a space for students to develop essential skills and enhance job readiness, improving their employability and overall quality of life. The room was dedicated in her memory, with her family present to celebrate the grand opening and honor her enduring influence on the organization.