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Justin Geno Williams – Teacher, Digital Media

Justin started at The Children’s Guild Alliance in 2017 school year as a Therapeutic Behavioral Aide and is currently a teacher of digital media to The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore. He has also served as a resource teacher and physical education teacher.

The best part about working at The Children’s Guild Alliance is being able to witness daily real life superheroes in action.  I eagerly come to work, and it’s without fail that I leave inspired by the diverse groups of people coming together for the same mission of educating our are youth.  Personally, I love working at a place where the power is in the present, and not the past or future.  We pride ourselves on not letting the negativity of one day leak into the next.  It’s important that the kids know that they aren’t being judged on all their past discretions but instead given a chance to learn and contribute on that day alone.  I can honestly say that the majority of my professional growth has come from this concept.  I’m excited to stay with The Guild because I know that whatever my future passions will be, there will be a position that The Guild will not only put me in, but help me thrive in.  The potential for upward mobility in such a diverse organization is exactly why I’ll be here for the long hall.

Beletiah Wheagar – Treatment Foster Care and Family Life Educator

Beletiah started working with The Children’s Guild Alliance in May 2018 as a Treatment Foster Care/ Family Life Educator intern and was hired as a Family Life Educator in December 2018 following her internship.

The child-centered and person-centered mindset set is what I truly enjoy about working for The Children’s Guild Alliance. The Guild does not only encourage growth for youth through meeting them where they currently are; but encourages professional growth for all their employees through CEU opportunities and trainings on the human brain, providing further insight on brain development. As well as the professional development opportunities, I have also met amazing individuals while working with The Guild, who have been welcoming and always willing to lend a hand.  

Lauren Sibiski – Outpatient Mental Health Clinician

Lauren started work at the Children’s Guild Alliance in 2018 as a school-based Outpatient Mental Health Clinician. She also works once a week at Staffa House, one of our therapeutic group homes, to provide group therapy to the students who reside there. 

There are many reasons why I love working for the Children’s Guild. I love the balance of supervision and autonomy while providing mental health services in the school setting. Supervisors are always available to help, but also allow you to find the modalities of treatment and interventions that work best for you and your clients. I also love the level of care and support that I am able to give to my clients by having an office in their school. I have also been afforded opportunities to provide therapeutic services in other settings such as the group homes, allowing me to continue to grow professionally. Finally, I feel that The Guild has created a culture where employees are genuinely cared about and cared for, which as a new clinician is something that was important to me. 

We are encouraged to share our opinions, to practice self-care, to continue our education in our field, and we are provided quality support from supervisor. In my time with The Guild, I have found my confidence as a school-based clinician.  

Tiffany Scott – Outpatient Mental Health Clinician

Tiffany started at The Children’s Guild Alliance in August 2018 as an Outpatient Mental Health Clinician and currently is placed in an elementary school in Baltimore County through the Guild’s School-based Mental Health program   

I’ve always wanted to work in a school, and there’s never a dull moment at work which makes the job interesting. Children are in school for almost half of their day, so I’m glad I can be another support person in their lives outside of family and regular school staff. Professionally, I’ve seen a change in the way I build relationships with other professionals in- and outside of my field. This job has challenged me to leave my comfort zone, which has helped me and the children I serve. My drive to continue working with this organization is the huge support I get from supervisors and staff. My supervisor and co-workers are a huge part of my growth and are the best motivating team ever. I love this job.

Raelene Meneses – Compliance and Credentialing Coordinator

Raelene started at The Children’s Guild Alliance in 2017 as a Speech and Language Pathologist/Internal Related Services Compliance Coordinator and has recently been promoted to Compliance and Credentialing Coordinator.

I enjoy the passion that my colleagues have for the children.  I specifically love working with my related services team to provide the best therapy to help our children live a successful life in school and in their social environments.  I am fairly new to this organization and system, but not new to the profession.  Working with new people has given me the opportunity to step back to learn and lead a new group of enthusiastic new professionals.  I stay for the kids and because of the strong relationships I’ve created with my co-workers.

Brittany Denise Branch – Special Education Kindergarten

Brittany started working at The Children’s Guild Alliance in 2017 as a Therapeutic Behavioral Aide and is currently a Special Education Teacher in kindergarten at The Children’s Guild School of Prince George’s County.

There are many aspects of my job that I love, but the thing that I love best is making a difference in the lives of the families and children that I serve. Being able to track and experience their growth is something that I can’t pay for, it’s so valuable. I started out as a Therapeutic Aide where I grew professionally by learning about professional boundaries and ways to regulate and support students in using replacement behaviors. As a teacher I have learned to effectively use my voice to advocate for my students and myself and set academic goals for my students.   I have also grown professionally by being able to work with seasoned teachers to come up with better strategies to teach and manage behaviors in the classroom.