Lauren Sibiski - Outpatient Mental Health Clinician - The Children's Guild

Lauren started work at the Children’s Guild Alliance in 2018 as a school-based Outpatient Mental Health Clinician. She also works once a week at Staffa House, one of our therapeutic group homes, to provide group therapy to the students who reside there. 

There are many reasons why I love working for the Children’s Guild. I love the balance of supervision and autonomy while providing mental health services in the school setting. Supervisors are always available to help, but also allow you to find the modalities of treatment and interventions that work best for you and your clients. I also love the level of care and support that I am able to give to my clients by having an office in their school. I have also been afforded opportunities to provide therapeutic services in other settings such as the group homes, allowing me to continue to grow professionally. Finally, I feel that The Guild has created a culture where employees are genuinely cared about and cared for, which as a new clinician is something that was important to me. 

We are encouraged to share our opinions, to practice self-care, to continue our education in our field, and we are provided quality support from supervisor. In my time with The Guild, I have found my confidence as a school-based clinician.