Justin Geno Williams - Teacher, Digital Media - The Children's Guild

Justin started at The Children’s Guild Alliance in 2017 school year as a Therapeutic Behavioral Aide and is currently a teacher of digital media to The Children’s Guild School of Baltimore. He has also served as a resource teacher and physical education teacher.

The best part about working at The Children’s Guild Alliance is being able to witness daily real life superheroes in action.  I eagerly come to work, and it’s without fail that I leave inspired by the diverse groups of people coming together for the same mission of educating our are youth.  Personally, I love working at a place where the power is in the present, and not the past or future.  We pride ourselves on not letting the negativity of one day leak into the next.  It’s important that the kids know that they aren’t being judged on all their past discretions but instead given a chance to learn and contribute on that day alone.  I can honestly say that the majority of my professional growth has come from this concept.  I’m excited to stay with The Guild because I know that whatever my future passions will be, there will be a position that The Guild will not only put me in, but help me thrive in.  The potential for upward mobility in such a diverse organization is exactly why I’ll be here for the long hall.