Happy Mother's Day - The Children's Guild

We are so excited to celebrate the mothers we have on staff at The Children’s Guild.

Read and enjoy our beautiful “Guild and Monarch Academy Mom” stories!

Susan McFaul

Executive Assistant to the President, Monarch Academy Annapolis and

“I have always been inspired by the mission of The Children’s Guild and its ability to look at the needs of the children we serve and have the flexibility to create a unique plan that ensures their success. The Guild has evolved and grown significantly since I have been here, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.”

Kate McFaul

Dean of Students, Monarch Academy Annapolis

“It’s been a unique experience “growing up” at The Guild. I vividly remember when I first understood the TranZed philosophy (To learn more about TCG’s TranZed philosophy, visit https://childrensguild.org/about/transformation-education/. I was at the McClean Campus when the non-public students were still there. I ended up in the room with the washer and dryer and didn’t understand why that would be in a school. I was told that it was to help students meet their basic needs. If those aren’t met, then they aren’t able to focus on learning. Many years later in college when we learned about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I felt like I had a head start. That concept has led me through my entire career. I had no idea that a simple week of volunteering with some paperwork would lead to all of this. My mom [Susan] has always supported me in all my adventures. She has offered guidance but, more importantly, empowered me to carve my own path. Thanks, mom, for being my number one fan.”

Between them, Susan and Kate McFaul have nearly 30 years of combined experience working with The Children’s Guild. Kate began volunteering with The Guild when she was in eighth grade, while Susan began working for The Guild almost 16 years ago.

Christina Black

Cristina Black

2nd Grade Teacher, Monarch Global Academy Laurel

“The cool thing about my daughter is that she has such a huge heart. I’m happy she’s enrolled at Monarch Global Academy Laurel (MGA) because the program allows the teachers to create an authentic learning environment that fosters personal growth.

As a mother of an MGA graduate and a current student, I feel very fortunate to be involved with a program that has provided a positive education experience that my children have benefited from for eight years. As a 2nd grade teacher at the school, I love building relationships with my students!”

Tina Colding

Tina Colding

Special Education Staff, The Children’s Guild Transformation Academy

“I love the connection I have with students. Sometimes, it’s a simple “have an awesome day in class” or giving them a big hug that puts a smile on their face or adds a little pep in their step to get through the day. The cool part about working in the building with my kids is being able to give them a hug and a little reassurance during the day when they need it the most.

The Children’s Guild is designed to make sure no child is left behind. As a parent/employee, I see and appreciate the extra accommodations and efforts to make sure every child has an opportunity to succeed. I love being in the know about the level of education that’s provided. The icing on the cake is dressing up and showing school spirit no matter the occasion.”

Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans

Substitute Teacher, Monarch Academy Global Laurel

“I’m a teacher mom, aka a multitasking ninja. Joining the MGA family has given my daughter the opportunity to explore and exercise her creativity. Learning has proven to be a game changer for her academically and socially. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work at the school my daughter attends.

As a teacher mom, I get in-depth knowledge of the active curriculum being taught and can delve into the more rigorous aspects to ensure she is grasping all the learning concepts and mastering the academic goals. I can also do that for the children I am engaging with daily. It is truly a blessing.”

Jaime Mierzwa
Jaime Mierzwa

Reading Specialist/Literacy Teacher, Monarch Global Academy Laurel

“The best part of my job is working with the students. I love seeing them grow as readers and writers. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I collaborate with the staff at MGA to create an educational experience not only for the surrounding community but for my own children. I feel truly lucky to play both the role as an educator and parent.

I get to see the impact that the relationships and curriculum makes each day on my own two children. Also, when making decisions and supporting staff I tend to look at things with multiple perspectives and can share that with others. I’m thankful every day that I am part of the MGA family.”