TranZed Apprenticeships Partners with Global Apprenticeship Network - The Children's Guild

Partnership to advance modern apprenticeships throughout the United States

TranZed Apprenticeships, a nonprofit registered apprenticeship provider with the mission of expanding modern apprenticeships throughout the United States, is partnering with Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) to exchange knowledge and advance modern apprenticeships as a solution to the skills gap facing businesses across the country.

“We’re starting an apprenticeship revolution, a movement to train and connect skilled workers with employers in huge need of talent,” said Paul Champion, president of TranZed Apprenticeships. “There’s no better way to close the skills gap than modern apprenticeships, where workers earn and learn at the same time. They’re cost-effective, customizable and necessary to the future of our workforce.”

GAN Global, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a CEO-led alliance of private-sector companies, employers, international organizations and thought leaders seeking to accelerate the uptake of work-based learning, such as apprenticeships, to connect people with in-demand skills, build a sustainable talent pipeline for business and ensure an equitable future for the workforce.

“There is no better time than now to be working on apprenticeships in the U.S. We’re really excited about partnering with TranZed Apprenticeships and bringing to the collaboration our experience working with government, employers, our networks and our knowledge about why apprenticeships are such a fantastic opportunity for people, business and communities,” said Kathleen Elsig, head of strategic partnerships for GAN Global.

As part of the partnership, GAN Global and TranZed Apprenticeships will co-develop content for the network’s “SkillingNow” initiative, which provides a platform for dialog about work-based learning. Likewise, TranZed Apprenticeships will share its “Open 4 Apprenticeships” toolkit to educate businesses about the benefits of modern apprenticeships. In addition, TranZed Apprenticeships will promote GAN Global at conferences and exhibitions.

“Modern apprenticeships improve business productivity and performance, reduce recruitment and training costs and strengthen the workforce,” Champion said. “Apprentices become valued employees with improved engagement, problem-solving skills, greater leadership potential and flexibility under less supervision. They give businesses a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

TranZed Apprenticeships works to advance modern apprenticeships throughout the United States and offers apprenticeship programs in the Mid-Atlantic developed to address the need for alternative career paths. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job, competency and project-based training with job-related classroom instruction. They offer an earn-and-learn model where apprentices earn money starting their first day and receive pay increases as they gain additional skills and master their occupations. (

GAN Global is a business-driven alliance through which private sector companies, employers, international organizations and thought leaders work together to fuse the connection between education and employment through work-based learning. Its goal is to accelerate the acquisition of skills and capabilities of all segments of the workforce and build a robust talent pipeline for business that can match the pace of change in the world of work. Its members are trailblazers and thought leaders from leading multinational corporations and international organizations, who are setting examples for others to follow and shaping global and community policies and approaches. GAN has established networks in several countries across the globe. (