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TranZed Apprenticeships, a nonprofit registered apprenticeship provider, has placed a new information technology apprentice with Morefield Communications (link to, a business technology company based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. This is the first time TranZed Apprenticeships has placed a graduate of its pre-apprenticeship partner NuPaths (link to, a technology training organization co-founded with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

“Through our partnerships in Pennsylvania, we’re building an apprenticeship pipeline, benefiting those looking to build their skills and careers as well as companies looking for skilled employees, and we’re excited to welcome Morefield Communications into the TranZed Apprenticeships family,” said Paul Champion, president of TranZed Apprenticeships. “Apprenticeships are a crucial component to closing the skills gap and are rapidly becoming key additions to the modern workforce.”

The apprentice Ryan McFalls graduated last year from the six-month network technician program at NuPaths, where he learned computer networking skills and earned industry-recognized certifications. NuPaths is an approved pre-apprenticeship training provider in Pennsylvania and prepared McFalls for his IT apprenticeship at Morefield Communications, which started this month.

TranZed Apprenticeships has placed an increasing number of apprentices in the technology industry. The pre-apprenticeship program provides apprentices with the skills necessary to meet the requirements of technology employers on day one. The apprenticeship program supports and trains apprentices on the skills requested by their employers throughout their first year of employment.

“We are very excited for Ryan and happy that NuPaths is playing a role in the creation of new technology training and hiring pathways,” said Andy Petroski, chief learning officer at NuPaths. “Apprenticeships are a great way for NuPaths graduates to put their certifications and skills into practice in the field, while still being mentored by industry professionals. For students entering the IT field without any prior experience, apprenticeships serve as a bridge between the learning and practice in pre-apprenticeship classes, the confirmation of knowledge and skills through IT certifications and the start of a career as an IT professional.”

“The contribution and collaboration of everyone involved in putting the Morefield Communications apprenticeship in place is proof that education, government and business can work together to solve today’s workforce development challenges,” Petroski said.

Morefield Communications installs and maintains workplace technology for businesses, hospitals, schools and nonprofit organizations throughout Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

“I am thrilled that TranZed and NuPaths helped connect us with Ryan McFalls,” said Chris Howard, manager of advanced technology services at Morefield Communications. “Ryan has an impressive mix of technical and social skills that will delight our clients with prompt and courteous service. The apprenticeship program is an excellent way to find motivated individuals.”

TranZed Apprenticeships works to advance modern apprenticeships throughout the United States and offers apprenticeship programs developed to address the need for alternative career paths.

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job, competency and project-based training with job-related classroom instruction. They offer an earn-and-learn model where apprentices earn money starting their first day and receive pay increases as they gain additional skills and master their occupations.