Student Comic Book Sells Out - The Children's Guild

High-school student Jarold Leishear and his teacher Jay Gregario were featured on Laurel Community TV for a comic book Jarold created about cyber bullying. Jarold wrote the comic book as part of a project-based learning (PBL) activity led by Mr. Gregario, who then helped Jarold self-publish the book. The first 50 copies sold out in two days.

Seventeen-year-old Jarold has high-functioning autism and attends The Children’s Guild School of Prince George’s County. Although he has never directly experienced cyber bullying, Jarold has faced his own challenges, and his passion for comic books has provided a world of solace. Jarold has written more than 27 comic books, but this is the first one to be published and receive so much attention. “I have a future that [sic] I will make more stories,” says Jarold.

Mr. Gregario has been Jarold’s teacher for more than three years, and he is thrilled with Jarold’s success. “There has been a significant change in the way he presents himself,” says Mr. Gregario.