Special Education Teachers Get Pay Increase Thanks to TCG - The Children's Guild

The Children’s Guild senior team and staff don’t just take a backseat when it comes to implementing change. They get behind the wheel and become the change they wish to see. They not only advocate for the children, families and communities served, but also for the teachers and staff that work with them. 

An example of this was done earlier in the year by beloved TCG of Baltimore Principal Dr. Katina Webster. On January 27th, 2023, Dr. Webster testified before the Maryland Senate on Maryland Senate Bill 311. The bill pursues a pay increase for special education teachers. 

By July 1, 2023, the act took full effect. This means that nonpublic schools in Maryland will now provide its teachers a salary that is equivalent to the local, public schools salaries, phased in over 3 years beginning in fiscal year 2024 with parity achieved in the third year and parity maintained thereafter. “Local school salaries” means the salaries and bonuses received by public school teachers of similar training and experience to teachers at a special education placement nonpublic school in the same county in which the school is located.
Read the bill>> http://ow.ly/Ojt450MOcbY 

True transformation is a slow and steady process and takes time to unfold. Although there is always room for improvement, TCG continually takes steps to integrate the lessons we learn. We champion our communities and employees, so seeing what we work towards come to fruition is fulfilling. Being a small part of this big change was a win!