Monarch Academy Annapolis Students Participate in Gratitude Campaign - The Children's Guild

Monarch Academy Annapolis launched this week a two-week gratitude program called the “Look for the Good Project,” where students share their gratitude with others, add notes to a “Gratitude Wall,” write letters of appreciation and perform acts of kindness throughout the school. The program will take place through Jan. 17, 2020 with a “Family Gratitude Night” on Jan. 15, 2020.

“We’re kicking off the new year with a focus on gratitude,” said Rachel Amstutz, principal of Monarch Academy Annapolis. “This is a simple yet amazing program that brings together students and staff to share what they’re thankful for with each other. It’s a powerful experience.”

The program comes from Look for the Good Project, a nonprofit organization in Connecticut that seeks to “make America kind, one school at a time” following the “belief that gratitude changes mindsets, reduces violence, and improves everything.” In three years, 121,545 elementary school children in 30 states have participated in the Look for the Good Project’s school program, generating almost 2 million messages of gratitude to inspire kindness in their communities.

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