Jamie Wilson - The Children's Guild
Jamie Wilson, LCSW-C

Jamie Wilson, LCSW-C

Managing Director of Employee Engagement

Jamie Wilson is the Managing Director of Employee Engagement for The Children’s Guild. Through her time at the Guild, Jamie has built an intern training program, refined systems and service delivery, worked across multiple programs, and co-leads a leadership group. It was only natural that through her work, she developed a drive to build a culture of constant learning where employees feel energized and envision opportunities to grow.  

Jamie developed a passion for cultivating opportunities for staff that foster skill-building, development, and leadership through years of supervising multiple employees.  It is important to Jamie that staff feels supported on their professional journey.  Jamie believes that an employee performs their best when they feel seen, heard, and valued, not only as individuals but also as contributing members to their work community.  

 In addition to identifying new ways to recruit, retain, and develop staff, Jamie’s commitment to the social work profession is demonstrated in her work as a board member on the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners. She also serves on the Regulation and Standards Committee at the Association of Social Work Boards and the Retirement Committee and DEI Council at The Children’s Guild. She previously served two terms on the Alumni Board at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work. She received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and a Bachelor of Science in family studies from the University of Maryland, College Park.