Honoring our Teachers and Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week - The Children's Guild

The Children’s Guild Alliance joins the nation in celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 4-8, 2020. During these difficult and uncertain times, we thank our teachers for their commitment to our students. There will not be any special parties or parades this year, but that does not mean our teachers’ work has gone unnoticed. Now more than ever, we are reminded of the work our teachers do every day to give our children the education they deserve. We thank our teachers for contributing their gifts and talents to The Children’s Guild and Monarch Academy schools and the children we serve. You serve children to ensure they achieve their full capability in academic, emotional, social, and life skills by establishing programs and discovering more effective methods to promote growth and change.

The value of our teachers’ daily contributions has never been more evident than right now. Parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends have all suddenly had to take on the role of “teacher, ” and never before have the contributions of teachers been more valued and respected! The reality of just how challenging and difficult the art and science of teaching really is, is now widely known. Teachers are now valued as the true heroes they have always been. Our teachers now contribute not only to the remote learning of our students, but they also contribute to the distant learning of their family members. Their contributions to the delivery of our distance learning platform has been done with compassion, integrity, and patience, even while many of them are experiencing your own challenges with kids, family members, and pets in the room.

In the spirit of Teacher Appreciation Week, we acknowledge the countless ways each of our teachers contribute to the organization daily. From delivering Chromebooks and hot spots to kids; providing students with their musical instruments to practice at home; or imagining creative virtual ways to engage kindergartners, middle schoolers, and students on the severe end of the autism spectrum, our teachers’ contributions are endless and so is our appreciation for each and every one of them.

Our students have come up with many creative ways to say thank you to our teachers from sharing their favorite photos with teachers and staff through social media to recording a video message or writing a letter to their favorite teacher or even dressing up like their favorite teacher and sharing it on social media. Students have been asked to give their teacher something special by drawing a picture, writing a poem or singing a song and sharing it on social media. They are telling teachers why they miss them, telling them a joke to make them smile, telling them about their superpowers, thanking a teacher for what they do, or telling a teacher why you think they are fabulous. Some students are even decorating their neighborhood to say thank you.

The entire Children’s Guild Alliance family says thank you and salutes its teachers!