Chris Zimmerman - The Children's Guild
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Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Zimmerman decided to trade his Board responsibilities for those of the new CFO because he knows, firsthand, how important getting The Guild’s financial team structure in place to support its new direction and goals is a critical piece to the organization’s growth plan. Before joining the board, Chris had been supporting The Guild as a volunteer since 2014. He was as a founding member of The Children’s Guild DC Charter School Board of Directors.

Chris is coming from Diligent Corporation, the leading governance, risk, and compliance SaaS company. As a director there, he partnered with all areas of the organization to institute new policies, processes, and systems enabling the company to scale in five years from $150 million to nearly $600 million in revenue. Prior to joining Diligent, consulting for top firms such as Accenture, Chris spent a decade advising C-Suite executives at Fortune 500 companies. He gained experience assisting organizations in a variety of industries, including education; finance; technology; health insurance; professional services; government; health and life sciences; travel; and manufacturing.