Branding - The Children's Guild


Logos, Style Guide, and Branded Templates

The Children’s Guild Alliance consists of numerous programs that work together with common goals and values. Our Style Guide provides all staff with basic guidelines for writing styles, logo usage, color palettes, common acronyms, and other pertinent information for communications and artwork inside and outside of our organization. It is important that our messaging is consistent with a unified visual look, so please check back regularly to be certain you have the most up-to-date version of our guidelines. Maintaining this consistent messaging and visual identity will build brand recognition and a strong Guild image.

As an organization, we must remain consistent in our messaging and branding through social media as well. That’s why it’s especially important, for our staff to properly establish LinkedIn profiles and keep them up to date with skills, expertise, endorsements and accomplishments. Here you will find a comprehensive guide that will assist you through the process of creating and getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

The Guild has also provided program specific images to use for your background photo that can be found below.

Here is a downloadable pdf explaining how to create QR codes and shorter url’s.​

Please click on your program below to download any logos, letterhead, PowerPoint templates, flyer templates, Zoom/Teams backgrounds, and email signature files.


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