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Agnes Kibirige

Agnes Kibirige

Chief Information Officer

Agnes comes to The Children’s Guild with a range of professional experiences that will be vital in shaping the organization’s direction. With over 20 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering IT solutions for fortune 500 clients, Agnes mixes her knowledge of technology with a unique understanding of how it all fits on an individual human level.  

Agnes’s prior experience includes a 14-year career at Accenture (a Fortune Global 500 company specializing in information technology services and consulting), culminating in her position as a senior manager. In October 2019, Agnes founded ExperTribe LLC, which allowed her to bring expertise to a broader range of clients, including the world of non-profits. Through this new endeavor, Agnes first became connected to The Children’s Guild and was immediately impressed by the importance of the work taking place in the organization.

In her role as Chief Information Officer, Agnes will be implementing a plan of action that directly connects to and supports the new strategic plan and vision being set forth by The Children’s Guild Board of Directors and CEO Jenny Livelli. At the heart of this plan is the transformation of the Guild information technology team to a strategic department where accessible and shared data will drive the organization’s mission and vision. To achieve the goal of moving to a strategic focus, Agnes and her team will shift to the role of leveraging the expertise needed to address the critical IT needs of the organization. The first step in this transformation has already occurred with a partnership with DP Solutions, an IT services company in the Baltimore area with expertise in IT management.  

 Agnes holds a BS in Engineering from Loughborough University, UK, and an Executive MBA from the University of Maryland.