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Success & Impact

The Children’s Guild’s reputation is a testament to our visionary leadership, groundbreaking educational approach, and with generous support it should continue. We are proud of our many achievements as we transform the way America cares for and educates its children.

Success Rates

In 2018-2019, 

76 percent

percent of the youth completing our Treatment Foster Care were able to return to a less restrictive environment.

Since 2002, 

80 percent

of students in our Therepeutic Group Homes for adolescents have been able to return to a less restrictive environment, many returning to their own homes.

Tremendous Growth

Under the leadership of Dr. Andrew L. Ross and our Transformation Education approach, The Children’s Guild has grown from a $6,000,000 organization in 1996 to a more than $88,000,000 organization in 2019.

Success Stories

Kandace’s Story: Supporting Children One Child at a Time

Kandace’s Story: Supporting Children One Child at a Time

Kandace is a soft-spoken teenager with an amazing story. She has survived heartbreaking trauma but has also seen renewed hope as she has spent the last several years connected with The Children’s Guild. Kandace was admitted to The Guild Academy, The Children’s Guild’s residential treatment program, and lived at Staffa House for four-and-a-half years. While there, she received the trauma-informed treatment she needed, and she thrived in its supportive setting. Kandace speaks highly of her time there, noting that she liked “everything” about Staffa House, especially when she had her own bedroom!

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C’aron’s Story: Giving Students New Opportunities

C’aron’s Story: Giving Students New Opportunities

C’aron Jackson is a student at The Children’s Guild Baltimore involved in the Independence Academy program. Independence Academy offers vocational opportunities in digital media, information technology, business and entrepreneurship, and hospitality. The program is available to high school students, allowing them to participate in an internship and learn specific skills that can be transferred to the workforce or a secondary education. C’aron participated in a digital media internship through Independence Academy. Of his experience, C’aron says, “It was challenging. I had to take my time and work through the projects.”

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